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WISUPDecode is a free decoder for the SS7 ISUP protocol. The supported ISUP variants are:

  • ITU Q.763 1993, with ETSI specificities (300-356-1).
  • ANSI T1.113-1995 (since version 3.0.0)
  • BellCore GR-CORE-317(1994 issue) and GR-CORE-394(1994 issue) (since version 3.0.0)
If you don't understand what it is, you probably don't need it. The current version is 3.1.0.

The application is written for Java 2 (1.3) with Swing and should work on every OS supporting Java. You give an hexa dump of the ISUP message and it decodes it, according to the selected decoder. You can find the list of supported messages and parameters in the features part for the 3 decoders. This software is under the GPL (GNU General Public License) so it's free, you can have the source code and you can change it (with some restrictions, see the license).

Introduced by the 3.1.0 version, the decoders are now some kind of plug-ins for WISUPDecode. They are loaded dynamically, and so are distributed separately. It is now easier to write and add a new decoder to WISUPDecode.

Joe Ratterman wrote 3 applets based on the 3 decoders, but these applets are not part of the "binary" distribution. You have 2 solutions for getting these applets:

  • Getting the applets from the Joe Ratterman's web site. This is the preferred solution. It is based on the 2.1.0 code, but ported to Java 2.
  • Getting the source files. The code of the applets and a makefile are present in the source files. Unfortunately, the current code is not compatible with the applets, based on AWT. So this solution is interesting only if you want to work on the code.

I wrote this application because at a time a decoder was useful for me. And I was looking for something to do in Java. Now I work on this soft on my free time more for learning Java than for having a more complete decoder. So don't expect a new version every week. You can also contribute to the project. As you can see in the SourceForge project page, I am not alone anymore on the project, and Joe Ratterman wrote the two new decoders that are part of the 3.0.0 version.

If you are interested by this application and if you need more messages, more parameters, other ISUP variants, etc., you can use the Feature Requests tracker on SourceForge. Of course, you are invited to report any bug you can find.


+ 22-Feb-2004 - Web site transfered to Sourceforge.
The official WISUPDecode site is now wisupdecode.sourceforge.net. The old web pages (on wanadoo.fr) will probably remain for some times, but will be deactivated.
From a development point of vue, the interface for managing decoders (install/remove) has started, but there is still work to do, so I don't know when a new version will be ready.

+ 15-Aug-2003 - Help written for 3.1.0 version
The help of the 3.1.0 version of WISUPDecode has been written. It is available in HTML format. You can browse it online, or download it. It is not possible to directly use it from WISUPDecode, but it will be integrated in the next version (as HTML files or as JavaHelp).
For information, the help has been written in XML DocBook, and generated in HTML with a modified version of DocBook XSL files.

+ 31-Aug-2002 - New version released, and decoders release
A new version is released, 3.1.0. The new feature is that this version dynamically loads the decoders, that are now released separately. You have now the ability to install only the decoder(s) that is usefull for you, and new decoders can easily be installed (even if it lacks an installer for the decoders, planned for the 3.2.x release). As the decoders are not part of the WISUPDecode release, you need to download at least one decoder (see the Download section). This release also fixed a bug in the dialog boxes.
See the changes file for the details of modifications.

+ 18-May-2002 - New main version released
A new version is released, 3.0.0. It includes several main changes, as Java 2, new interface in Swing instead of AWT, and 3 decoders: ETSI (already in previous versions), ANSI and BellCore. There is also some changes in the source code. The web site has also been changed, as the frames have been removed.
See the changes file for the details of modifications.
Another new is that we are now 3 in the project (see contacts part).

+ 7-Jun-2001 - New version released
A new version is released, 2.1.0. The main changes have been done inside the application : code cleaning, Javadoc comments added, languages files and configuration file managed by the existing Java classes, etc. Nothing changed on the decoding side. Some bugs have been fixed.
From the user point of view, the configuration file has been renamed, the aspect of dialog box changed, the languages are managed by property files, and new languages can be (should be) easily added.
See the change file for the details of modifications.

+ 3-Apr-2001 - Still alive !
No, this project is not dead. But it is true it doesn't live a lot :-)
Currently the project is moving to SourceForge. The web site remains here, but all the things I tried to set up (bug management, mailing lists, etc.) are now provided by SourceForge.
WISUPDecode is not the only project I am working on during my free time, and actually I don't need it at work, so this project will probably still be calm. But not dead. I started to review the code, commenting it for javadoc, rewritting some parts. The multi-language management is changed, the configuration will change... It will probably produce a minor or medium version (2.0.2 or 2.1.0).
Last thing : the French version of the site is dead. I don't want to write every thing twice, even if it's once a year :-) Anyway, the target audience for WISUPDecode probably speak English, and better than me.

+ March 17, 2000 - Current work
In fact there is nothing really new. Some bug has been fixed, but I did not work a lot on the decoder. This is why there is not a lot of activities on this site. Currently, I work more on little things around the decoder than on the soft itself. I am writting a Perl tool for managing bug reports. I will have to make a better non-regression test plan. I found a tool for making html manuals (I did not try it yet, but it looks interesting). So for the moment no new version.

+ January 29, 2000 - Still modifications of the site
It is now possible to report bugs from the site. It is also possible to send me comments on the decoder or on the site. This implied some changes in the pages.

+ January 22, 2000 - A new part in the site
A new rubric has been added, reporting the current status of the decoder: changes done for the next release, current work, etc.
A link to the GNU/Linux Driver Petition has also been added. The purpose of the petition is to encourage the manufacturers to give specifications of their products to GNU/Linux developers for writing drivers. Or, if such information is confidential, to write themselves drivers for GNU/Linux.

+ December 12, 1999 - The french web site is opened
The french version of the site is opened, and there is some little modifications on the whole site. No new version of the decoder but some work has ever been done. I am also thinking about changing the visual aspect of the site (not very original for the moment).

+ August 25, 1999 - The web site is opened
This is my first web pages, and as you can see it's quite simple. You will find here the last news for WISUPDecode and the usual things (screen shots, download, etc.).


* Version 3.1.0. Now distributed without decoders. It requires Java 1.3. You can read the changes and you must read the readme.txt for more details on the use of WISUPDecode, and on the installation of the decoders.
The files are available on the SourceForge project pages:
* WISUPDecode_3-1-0.zip/tgz for the "binary" distribution, WISUPDecode_3-1-0_src.jar for the sources.
* WISUPDecode_3-1-0_html.zip or WISUPDecode_3-1-0_html.tgz for the help file. Note that these files are not yet integrated with WISUPDecode. Also note that these files are available from the web site and not from Sourceforge.
* Decoders, version 1.0. The 3 decoders of the 3.0.0 version are now distributed with their own version. The decoding did not change since previous WISUPDecode versions, but you need these releases if you want to use WISUPDecode 3.1.0.
You should read the readme.txt for each decoder: ansi, bellcore and etsi.
The files are available on the SourceForge project pages:
* ETSI 300-356-1: ets300_356_1_1-0.zip/tgz for the "binary" distribution, ets300_356_1_1-0_src.jar for the sources.
* ANSI T1.113-1995: ansi_1-0.zip/tgz for the "binary" distribution, ansi_1-0_src.jar for the sources.
* BellCore GR-CORE-317 (1994 issue) and GR-CORE-394 (1994 issue): bellcore_1-0.zip/tgz for the "binary" distribution, bellcore_1-0_src.jar for the sources.

* Version 3.0.0. Major new features and some bugs fixed. It requires Java 1.3. You can read the changes and you should read the readme.txt for more details on the use of WISUPDecode, as the distribution changed since version 2.1.0.
The files are available on the SourceForge project pages:
* WISUPDecode_3-0-0.zip or WISUPDecode_3-0-0.tgz for the "binary" distribution.
* WISUPDecode_3-0-0_src.zip or WISUPDecode_3-0-0_src.tgz for the source files.

* Joe Ratterman wrote 3 applets based on the 2.1.0 code. Even if the code of these applets can be find in the source files, as it is not compatible with the 3.0.0 version, the best way is to go on Joe's web site. As it is its own server, it can be down sometimes.
* www.jratt.com

* Version 2.1.0. Minor new features (from user point of view), and some bugs fixed. It is based on Java 1.1 and AWT. You can read the changes and you should read the readme.txt for more details on the use of WISUPDecode.
This time I created a .zip and a .tgz file. The files are available on the SourceForge project pages:
* WISUPDecode_2-1-0.zip
* WISUPDecode_2-1-0.tgz

Mailing List, forums, bugs, comments

You can subscribe to the WISUPDecode-announces mailing list, and you will be warn for new versions and news. Don't be afraid, your mailbox will probably not be full with my mails :-).

Tickets trackers are available for bugs, support and features requests on SourceForge.

You can also find a forum for requesting help.

You can browse the CVS tree of the project, or getting an anonymous access.

If you want to send me comments, you can send me a message at bcassand at users.sourceforge.net.


About Java:
-o-o- The main page for Java: Javasoft.
-o-o- The NetBeans IDE for Java. The Forte for Java IDE (now Sun Java Studio) is based on this OpenSource project.

Some tutorials on SS7:
-o-o- Microlegend,
-o-o- at Web ProForum,
-o-o- on the site www.protocols.com.
-o-o- on the C7.com site, dedicated to SS7.

Others interesting tools:
-o-o- Doxygen is a very good tool for generating documentation from source code (C, C++, Java, IDL). It is the same kind of tool as javadoc, but more powerful.

Another tool I wrote:
-o-o- visualTclCheck is a GUI written in Tk for the TclPro static checker tool from Scriptics/Ajuba.

If you want to know more on the GNU Project or on the FSF (Free Software Foundation).


Benjamin Cassan-de Gorostarzu bcassand at users.sourceforge.net
Joe Ratterman jratt at users.sourceforge.net
Bill Hooper bhoo at users.sourceforge.net